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The Responsibility for the Quality of Breating air Rests with the User.

The air supply compressor should be located in a safe, clean ambient air environment. This "safe" location should be tested periodically to ensure clean ambient air quality on a consistent basis. Total system air quality should be tested at the time the compressor is initially set up. If the compressor is moved, retesting air quality is recommended. Should the location or environment significantly change, the air quality should be retested. 

AirCheck√ Kit™

Certified laboratory air testing is now available for high pressure bottled air or low pressure compressor air requirements. Take your own samples in 10 minutes and send out for precise laboratory results. A 2LA accredited lab will test to any recognized standards, e.g., CGA, NFPA, or Federal MIL Specs. Results can be obtained in less than 3 days; same day service is available for an additional charge.


Laboratory Air Testing Service


Air Check Kit

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Compressed Air Cylinder Test Kit

The Model AQTCOO2KIT Cylinder Test Kit was designed to rapidly test rented cylinder's breathing air quality before use and obtain an immediate and accurate Oxygen (O2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) reading for blended high pressure cylinder air.  The meter requires two 9-volt batteries for operation and is supplied with a 10 foot  high pressure hose, 5000 psi regulator, and a universal CGA-347hand tight cylinder connector.



Visual Air Flowmeter to Monitor







High Pressure Connect Hose

Always Test Air Quality Prior to Use
The CO & O2 Cylinder Test Kit has all the components to test breathing air cylinders.

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Air Quality Test Kit

Air Systems breathing air quality test kits are designed to test the air produced by compressors (Model LP-A4) and compressed air in cylinders (Model HP-A4 and HP-A445).  These tests are accomplished through the use of low cost detector tubes that provide a "go/no go" test of the air quality.  If a high reading is found, this signals the user that they have a potentially unacceptable quality of breathing air.  If this occurs, a laboratory analysis of the air components must be made to determine the exact readings of the air quality and take corrective action. 

Low Pressure Air Quality Test Module
Model LP-A4

Plugs directly into outlet fitting on All Breather Box®
and Panel models

Complete Test Kit
Model LP/HP-A4K

High Pressure Cylinder Air Test Module
Models HP-A445 and HP-A4