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Plant Air Compressor Questionnaire

Designing a Breathing Air System: Air Systems' technical staff will assist you in selecting the proper compressor package as the first step in designing a breathing air system to meet your needs. The compressor styles and specifications listed below are for general information. Once a specific compressor package is selected, detailed information such as technical specifications and Auto-Cad® drawings will be provided for customer review and approval.

All systems are designed and engineered to be ready for immediate use.

Plumbing and electrical service is all that is required to be prepared prior to delivery.

Did You Know

It is recommended that after the initial setup of a plant breathing air compressor system and before workers are allowed to use the breathing air system, a certified laboratory analysis of the air quality should be performed to assure that the system is functioning properly and that the compressor is located in a clean fresh air environment.  

Air Systems provides at NO CHARGE your first lab certified air quality test. Contact Customer Service for details.


Plant Breathing Air Compressor Systems

Electric, Gasoline, & Diesel Rotary Screw

Plant breathing air systems are designed to provide Grade-D breathing air for industrial applications. Remote air manifolds (POA's) are used at various work stations. The system pictured below includes our 135 cfm compressor, a 120 gallon ASME receiver tank, Air Systems' Grade-D filtration panel with our CO-91 series carbon monoxide monitor and a refrigerated air dryer. The entire filtration system is mounted on a steel fork lift frame assembly. This package configuration can be designed for most required flow (cfm) capacities and output pressures.

Click the link above for our Plant Breathing Air Design Questionnaire.


      BAC-HP135                                      Electric Drive Compressor with Digital Control
Skid-mounted Grade-D                                     Panel and Intergrated Dryer
 Breathing Air Package

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Field Training

Engineered Options

  • Standard and HEPA Remote Intake Air Filters Available
  • Refrigerated Air Dryers
  • ASME Receiver Tanks
  • Air or Water Cooled Aftercoolers
  • Automatic Moisture Separators
  • Skid Mounting
  • Trailer Mounting
  • Heat and Air Conditioning Systems
  • Sequencers
  • On-site Field Training Available

Plant Breathing Air Compressor Systems

"Choose the Industry's Finest Compressors"



      Compressor                                Filtration/CO Monitor               Air Dryer

Packages Ready
for Plant Installation

Portable Rotary Screw Compressor

Portable Rotary Screw Compressors
Available in Gas or Diesel Engines.
Flow Ranges: 50cfm - 950cfm @ 100psi
Grade-D Filtration Required

Dual Air Tower Compressors with Auto Sequencing