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SCBA Storage

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Series 40 Rack
Model AK40-35

Modular Aluminum SCBA Cylinder Storage Racks

The Air-Kaddy's™ unique modular design allows for expansion as needed to accommodate your SCBA storage and in the future! Available in Free Standing, Series 40 and one Vehicle Style, Series 24. All racks are lined with nylon pads to prevent cylinder scratches.


Series 24 has been designed to fit in fire/rescue trailers and trucks requiring a narrower profile. THREAD SAVERS® (TS) pictured are optional. Add "TS" to model number when ordering.

Air Kaddy on Trailer

   Series 24 Rack

Air-Kaddy mounted in Truck Mounted on Cart

Rack can be ordered with an optional L-CART for easy transportation


Thread Saver