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3-Cylinder Fragmetation Fill Station

3-Cylinder Fill Station w/Built-in Fill Control Panel, Pneumatic Powered Door Opening

Containment Fill Stations
Meets NFPA-1901 Fill Requirements

These fill stations are designed to meet NFPA cylinder containment requirements. They are the ideal choice for flexibility and trouble-free performance with supply pressures to 6000psi and cylinder capacities from 2 to 6 positions.

All fill stations have been 3rd party tested to NFPA 1901 requirements and are individually tested prior to shipment.

Custom multi-bank cascade control panels are available upon request.

2-Cylinder Bulk Fill Frag



Economical 2-Cylinder Fill Station designed for Use with Existing or Separately Ordered Fill Control Panels, Manual Door Opening

Standard Features

  • All Steel Construction
  • Grade-8 Steel Structural Hardware
  • Vertical Blast Tubes with Liners
  • Designed to Fit All Size SCBA Cylinders
  • Third Party Tested to Meet NFPA 1901

Optional Features

  • Single or Multiple Fill Pressures
  • Isolation Valves for Each Fill Position
  • Color Coded Fill Lines and Labels for Each Fill Pressure and Position
  • Cascade Bank Control Panels 

AK40-35 Series 40 Rack

Series 40 Rack

Air-Kaddy™ Modular Aluminum SCBA Cylinder Storage Racks

The Air-Kaddy's™ unique modular aluminum design allows for expansion as needed to accommodate your SCBA storage and in the future! Available in Free Standing, Series 40, and Vehicle Style, Series 24. All racks are lined with nylon pads to prevent cylinder scratches.

Vehicle Style

Contact Customer Service for Custom Sizes!


Series 24 Rack

Series 24 has been designed to fit in fire/rescue trailers and trucks requiring a narrower profile. Thread Savers® (TS) pictured are optional. Add "TS" to model number when ordering to have Thread Savers® installed on your order

Thread Saver

Thread Saver®