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Pneumatic HEPA Vacuums

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Pneumatic powered vacuums are ideal for working in wet environments or where long lengths of vacuum hose are required. Air motors require no maintenance and contain no moving parts. A built-in pressure relief valve restricts water lift to 160" to prevent tank collapse. An on/off flow valve and pressure gauge are provided



  • Inlet Pressure: 80psi with 1/2" I.D. hose
  • Inlet Pressure: 70 cfm required
  • Vacuum Pressure: 250" water lift maximum, adjusted to 160" water lift with relief valve
  • Vacuum Flow: 100 - 170 cfm based on inlet pressure
  • Noise Level: 75 dbA @ 90 psi inlet pressure
  • Tank: Stainless Steel







Conductive Pneumatic HEPA Vacuums
Safely Remove Potential Static Charge Build-up
  • Pneumatic spark free vacuum motor
  • All aluminum non-sparking tools and 2-piece aluminum wand
  • 10 ft. 1.5" Conductive Vacuum hose with cuffs (grounds to tank)
  • Motor head has grounding wire attached to the recovery can
  • 25 ft. ground wire is attached to the vacuum recovery can to attach to a grounded external device for static removal