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High Pressure Fill Compressors

Air Systems Provides a full line of high pressure fill compressors with high CO shutdown, air storage, air distribution systems and containment fill stations. We can provide output air pressures to 6000psi and 26cfm capacity.

We specialize in designing custom systems to meet Military, Fire/Rescue and Industrial fill  applications.

Call Air Systems' Customer Service Department to discuss your particular application. A high pressure compressor questionaire is provided as a link above and in our catalog to aid us in designing the system to meet your needs.

Custom Trailers

Horizontal Fill Compressor

Horizontal Fill Compressor

A Complete Fill System Includes:

  • High Pressure Fill Compressor with CO Monitor
  • Air Storage Cylinders
  • Full Containment Fill Station

Electric, Gasoline or Diesel Engines Available

Vertical Fill Compressor

Vertical Fill Compressor

Did You KnowThese compressors meet or exceed the Grade-E air quality specifications found in NFPA 1989 and OSHA 1910.134 when used in accordance with manufacturer's recommendations.

Air Systems provides at NO CHARGE your first lab certified air quality test with the purchase of a new compressor with CO monitor. Contact Customer Service for details.

Diesel Portable
Portable Fill Compressors

CFM outputs available from 3.5 to 10.8cfm, Electric, Gas or Diesel


SCUBA Fill Whips Available

Gas Portable

Air Check Kit
Laboratory Air Testing Service

Certified laboratory air testing is now available for high pressure bottled air or low pressure compressor air requirements. Take your own samples in 10 minutes and send out for precise laboratory results. A 2LA accredited lab will test to any recognized standards, e.g., CGA, NFPA, or Federal MIL Specs. Results can be obtained in less than 3 days or expedited service is available at an extra charge.