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Portable Cooling Air Distribution Manifold

The Cool Box


  • Provides approximately 50°F output air temperature with input temperatures up to 180°F
  • Provides 4 to 8 hours of cooling using 20 lbs. of ice for operation
  • Manual condensate drain installed inside.
  • Attaches to any Grade-D compressed air source up to 125psi 
  • Adjustable pressure regulator, gauge, and safety relief valve installed in the system with a final filter on Model BACB-196
  • Entire unit is packaged in a rugged Igloo® roller cooler with a fold down pull handle

Low Pressure
Model BACB-196LP
Maximum Pressure 20psi



  • Provides low cost cool breathing air anywhere
  • Operates with any airline Type-C mask or hood style respirator
  • Ideal for cooling Level "A" chemical suits and air supplied hoods
  • Provides cool air for up to four workers
  • Attaches easily to any Grade-D air source up to 125psi with Model BACB-196. 20psi maximum for Model BACB-196LP, ambient air pump version
  • Eliminates the need and expense of noisy vortex cooling tubes
  • Designed and engineered for less than 2psi pressure drop in the system with flow capacities to 75cfm
  • Provides NIOSH point-of-attachment components and cooling in one package
  • Custom Mounting Options Available, Consult Factory

Note: Output temperatures may vary depending on ambient conditions, the type of respirator used, and length of hose.


Cool Box open

High Pressure
Model BACB-196
Maximum Pressure 125psi