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PAK Series

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Single Cylinder "PAK"

Uni-Pak Carrier

Optional UNI-PAK™
Carrier, SVH-DC25


  • Steel frame with powder coat orange paint
  • 2-outlet manifold
  • Holds either a 2216 or 4500psi SCBA cylinder
  • Adjustable regulator and low pressure alarm whistle
  • Specify desired respirator fittings when ordering
  • Dimensions: 34"L x 7.4"W x4.5"D
  • Weight: 7 lbs. w/out cylinder

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  • High pressure 4500psi regulator with CGA-347 connections, universal handtight nuts
  • Holds either a 2216psi or 4500psi cylinder
  • Low pressure alarm whistle
  • Check valves in-line to allow independent cylinder operation and removal
  • Orange powder coated aluminum frame with padded carry handles
  • 4-outlet breathing air manifold with safety relief valve
  • Quick connect couplings with dust caps, specify desired fittings when ordering
  • Optional wall mount brackets and pull cart available
  • Dimensions: 29"L x 21"W x 6"D
  • Weight: 25 lbs. w/out cylinders

Twin Cylinder "PAK"


Accepts either 2216psi
or 4500psi cylinders


Order Cylinders Separately

Telescoping 2-Position Handle




Rescue Cart

With Removable Air Cylinder Tray


  • CGA-347 operation at 4500psi
  • Adjustable cylinder straps with velcro
  • 3-way high pressure directional cylinder valve
  • High pressure male inlet, CGA-347
  • Low pressure regulator for pneumatic tools
  • 8" diameter ball bearing wheels
  • Adjustable output regulator w/relief valve
  • In-line check valves
  • Telescoping aluminum handle
  • Rear hose rack
  • Removable air cylinder tray (PAK-4)
  • Low pressure alarm whistle
  • Dimensions: 33"H x 25"W x17"D
  • Weight: 37 lbs. w/out cylinders