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The Breather Box®

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• All portable and fixed breathing air filtration systems meet or exceed OSHA 1910.134, Canadian Z180.1 Breathing Air Standards and British Standard

• All filtration units are designed to flow the NIOSH maximum capacity per worker

• Air Systems’ provides at NO CHARGE your first lab certified air quality test of your new breathing air filtration device.  Contact Customer Service for details.

Breather Box Family

Models: BB15-CO, BB30-CO, BB50-CO, BB100-CO
The Breather Box®
High Performance Portable Grade-D Breathing Air Filtration System

The Breather Box® is a portable Grade-D filtration system designed to provide breathing air for a specific number of workers.   The system filters incoming air from a compressor to provide ­respirator users with Grade-D quality air and ­monitors for CO and/or Oxygen.

The first stage element filters bulk water and particulate and has an auto drain.  The second stage coalescing filter eliminates atomized oils, mists, ultra-fine particulates, and has an auto drain.  The third stage filter removes organic vapors and odors and has a manual drain.  Filter change indicators are standard on all three stages of filtration.  Filtration efficiency is 99.99% @ .01 micron.  All Breather Boxes®  are designed to be used in the upright and closed position to prevent internal contamination.

The standard carbon monoxide (CO) airline monitor operates on disposable 9-volt batteries, 8-16 volt DC, or 115 VAC for continuous air monitoring.  An external audible alarm and light signals the workers of high CO content.  A remote alarm jack is provided on all models except for Model BB15-CO.  Point-of-Attachment (POA) boxes can extend respirator usage beyond 300 feet.




 Custom Designed Breather Box® Options 

  • Clear View Windows
  • Independent Regulators to allow different respirators and lengths of hoses to be used simultaneously
  • Fully Automated Reserve Air Systems
  • Low Pressure Alarms

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Typical Elements of a Breathing Air System


  Compressor                  Grade-D Filtration            Air Distribution(POA)       Respirator

The above pictured items make up a typical Grade-D breathing air system. Depending on the number of workers to be served by the system and whether the system needs to be portable or a fixed plant system, the size and complexity of the system may change. However, the basic elements above must be present. In order to properly size the breathing air system, it is absolutely essential that the user’s first decision is to decide the type and quantity of airline respirator(s) to be used. A quick recap of the airline respirator types and their required flow and pressure requirements is essential. All airline respirators are referred to by NIOSH as Type-C or Type-CE respirators. NIOSH approved CE respirators are designed for abrasive blasting but still require the same air flow as Type-C respirators.