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FH24-8-14 Closed

In-line HEPA Filter Holder
  • Attaches before or after blower for positive or negative filtration
  • Pre-filter for dusts or odors
  • 8" inlet and exhaust flange
  • Galvanized steel
  • Optional stainless steel or aluminum frame
  • Holds a 24" x 24" x 11.5" HEPA filter plus a 24" x 24" x 2" pleated pre-filter

FH24-8-14 Open

In-line Filter Holder
  • Holds a 24" x 24" x 2" pleated filter
  • 8" duct flange on one end
  • Allows user to filter intake or discharge air
  • Galvanized steel
  • Optional stainless steel or aluminum frame
  • Custom sizes and designs available


27"L x 16"H x 15.5"W
40 lbs.

Electric Ventilation Heaters

  • Heaters operate with blower only
  • 8" inlet and exhaust flange
  • Aluminum frame with steel control box
  • Automatic start with blower running
  • Built-in safety pressure switch
  • Automatic thermal shutdown at 170°F
  • 144°F output at exhaust, 112°F with 15' duct
  • Order 3 ft. heater connect duct, Model SVH-3


32"L x 27"H x 37.5"W
95 lbs.

Inlet Filter Assembly for "SVB"
Series Blowers

This inlet filter is designed to fit Air Systems' "SVB" series of portable industrial blowers. The unit filters the ambient air where the blower is located so that workers in a confined space are not exposed to ambient dusts. This system will control dusts and particulates from entering a confined space where industrial coatings are being applied. The filter will also reduce the potential for dust ignition in confined space when used with an explosion-proof or intrinsically safe blower. Filters are available with 5 micron of 99.97% HEPA rating.


Filter Holder



Standard Filter



HEPA Filter


  SVB-E8 with Filter attached Blowers Sold Separately

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Standard Vinyl Ducting

Standard and Conductive Ventilation Ducting
  • Vinyl polyester ventilation air duct hose
  • 8" diameter with external wear strips - custom sizes available on request
  • Internal steel reinforced wire hoop - 5" pitch
  • 6" long attachment cuff, 8 3/8" diameter, with adjustable belt straps on both hose ends
  • Maximum temperature rating 180°F

Conductive Fabric Ducting

Galvanized Steel or Polyethylene Supplied

Duct to Duct connector

8" Duct to Duct Connector

SVH-DC25Duct Carrier

  • Holds 50 ft of 8" diameter duct
  • Snap-lock lid
  • Large carry handle
  • Polyenthylene construction
  • Keeps duct from getting ripped
  • Solves duct storage problem



Custom Duct Transitions

Enlarging and Reducing Adapters are Available to Accommodate any Transition Size - Contact Customer Service for Ordering Information

Duct Transitions


Vent Flow™ Alarm

Designed to meet Confined Space Ventilation Flow Loss Alarm Requirements


  • Attaches inline to any 8" blower duct. (optional larger and smaller duct sizes available upon request)
  • Operates on two standard 9-volt batteries
  • Audible alarm (92dbA) and visual red light activate with approximately 50% flow loss in the duct
  • Alarms deactivate when normal flow is re-established
  • Galvanized tubular steel housing
  • Weight: 7 lbs.
  • Overall length, 13"
  • No AC power required
SVF-8ALM Connected