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Air Cylinder Carts

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Q: How long can a worker breathe on a cart?

A: This depends on the respirator and the size of the air cylinder. If Positive Pressure (pressure demand respirators) divide 4 CFM into the Cylinder CFM capacity - the resulting answer is the number of minutes the worker can breathe.

Q: What size cylinders are available?

A: Cylinders come in a variety of air pressures and capacities. Most common sized small cylinders (45 cubic ft., 60 cubic ft., and 87 cubic ft. @ pressures of 2216 PSI up to 4500 PSI) Large cylinders (300 cubic ft., 444 cubic ft., 472 cubic ft., and 509 cubic ft. @ pressures of  2400 PSI up to 6000 PSI)

Q: Why should I use a cart?

A: Very rarely does one single source of air supply satisfy all breathing applications. Bottled air is NOT subject to atmospheric contamination and can be mobilized very easily. In remote and short term use where plant air is unavailable, it allows the worker to have the respiratory production to complete the work fully protected.

Q: Where do I purchase the air?

A: All of our cylinders are shipped empty due to DOT regulations. The cylinders can be filled at commercial breathing air suppliers, fire departments, and dive shops willing to fill your cylinders for a fee.